Frequently Asked Questions


Where is it held?

Town and Country Cotillion takes place at:

The Tuckahoe Woman's Club
4215 Dover Road
Richmond, Virgina 23221

It is located in the near West End off Cary Street Road in Windsor Farms, a very safe neighborhood with plenty of parking. An off duty police officer is present every night to ensure the safe drop off and pick up of the children.


How much does cotillion cost?

6th and 7th grade Cotillion season 2019-2020 costs $295

8th grade Dance Socials season 2019-2020

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What is our refund policy?

Tuition is expected with acceptance and cannot be refunded. Please contact us for refund information if your family is moving out of town prior to the start or you child's registered Cotillion season.

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Do I need to get in a carpool?

It is a good idea to have a cotillion carpool, although it is certainly optional. It reduces traffic congestion and may help the children feel more comfortable to come in as a group rather than alone. This is up to the individual parent.

However, we do not organize carpools. Most likely your child will know others attending as the registration process is done by school groups.

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What is the Holly Ball?

The Holly Ball is our most festive Cotillion event. Parents are invited to observe from the balcony. Towards the end of the session, Moms will be invited to dance with their son and Dads will be invited to dance with their daughter. We offfer light refreshments for all in our side parlor after dancing. When a parent is not available an adult friend/relative is welcome to stand in. Do to space limitations only parents are invited, no siblings please.

Students and their parents are encouraged to bring a monetary donation in support of the area Christmas Mother Funds, which Town and Country Cotillion has supported for over 50 years.

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Where do I buy white gloves?

We have a supply of white gloves which are available for purchase for $10. Gloves can also be purchased in advance during the registration process at the introductory tea.

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Who is allowed to observe?

Parents are welcome to observe their child's cotillion from our balcony. We request that all guests remain out of the foyer and off the ballroom floor during cotillion. Cotillion students may not invite friends to observe from the balcony. All children in the balcony must be attended by an adult at all times.

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Can I ever bring a guest?

No in town guests are allowed at cotillion. Permission for out of town guests must be obtained from sponsors prior to cotillion.

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What do you do if there are not an equal number of boys and girls on a particular evening?

When our season starts our goal is to have the correct ratio of boys to girls in order for everyone to have a dance partner. Due to events beyond our control, our numbers are sometimes off on a particular evening.

We hire a few extra dancers as needed. On some nights we may ask parents to come down from the balcony to dance. Parents who drive carpools may want to keep this in mind as far as their attire and proper shoes for dancing.

In order to minimize uneven numbers, we strongly encourage parents, who enroll their children, to honor their child’s commitment to our program.

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Are cell phones allowed?

Parents, please help the children understand that cell phones must remain off and out of sight while in the cotillion building.

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What are the expectations for behavior at cotillion?

In addition, to learning the basics of ballroom dancing, the cotillion experience is designed to help your child learn to be well-mannered and comfortable in social situations. We constantly reinforce the values of etiquette, manners, and social skills. We strive to maintain an atmosphere of kindness and respect for one another at all times. We reserve the right to drop from membership anyone whose conduct is detrimental to the group or our program.

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Does Cotillion plan any activities for the students before or after cotillion?

Many groups get together on their own and continue to socialize at ice cream parlors or restaurants after their class. Town and Country Cotillion does not organize nor are we associated with any events planned before or after our cotillion classes.

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How do you obtain the 5th grade cotillion lists from the various schools?

In the Fall of your child's 5th grade year in preperation for the start of 6th grade cotillion we work with parent class representatives from the various schools. The class reprenatives help us prepare a list of interested families to be invited to our winter informational reception/registration. This is how we organize our groups and maintain the correct ratio of boys to girls for dancing. Please let us know if you would be interested in being a representative from your child’s school.

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How do I enroll my child in cotillion?

For 6th grade, the registration process for cotillion begins in the winter of the 5th grade when we hold an informational reception/registration at the Tuckahoe Women’s Club to introduce our program to parents. This is by invitation only due to numbers for dancing. Our invitation lists are derived from 5th grade volunteer parent representatives at all the area schools or by individual requests from parents if space allows. If you do not have a parent respesentaive please let us know so we can include your school or group.

After our registration deadline for invited families we will run a waiting list until the start of cotillion. While not exclusive, we must strive to ensure an even ratio of boys and girls and we are also limited to a certain number of children on the dance floor for successful instruction.

The 7th and 8th grade registration process follows a different format and you should contact the sponsors directly.

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Who do I contact with further questions?

Laura Brown
(Henrico, all Richmond City Public & Private Schools)
PO Box 17444
Richmond, VA 23226

Suzanne Hoffman
(Chesterfield and all South of the James River Public and Private schools, Powhatan, Goochland and Hanover schools)
PO Box 35322
Richmond, VA 23235

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What about the proper attire for cotillion?


  • All dances: Dress shoes. Shirttails must be tucked in. NO Tennis shoes.
  • Formal: Dress shirts, ties, sports coat or suit.
  • Semi-formal: Dress shirts, ties, sports coat optional.
  • Nice Casual: Collared Shirts, long pants, dress shoes (no jeans)


  • All dances: Shoes with backs, no tennis shoes.
  • Formal: Dresses, dressy skirts and blouses, white gloves.
  • Semi-formal: Short dresses, skirts and blouses (no pants).
  • Nice Casual: Nice school clothes (no pants)

EXCEPTION: Jeans and Pants are allowed for Halloween and the Western and Barn Dance Nights.

Formal Attire:

Semi-formal Attire:

What is the weather cancellation policy?

Please check our website. Cotillion is not necessarily canceled when the public or private schools are closed for weather or holidays.

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