Welcome to Town & Country Cotillion

Our goal at Town & Country Cotillion is to teach your child ballroom dance in a organized, professional, yet fun environment. Our program teaches the importance of social etiquette among young ladies and gentlemen, while at the same time instilling in the students a feeling of rhythm and an enjoyment of social dancing. At Town & Country Cotillion we emphasize the values of kindness, courtesy and mutual respect.

Our Program

For over 55 years, Town & Country Cotillion has been held at The Tuckahoe Woman’s Club in a near West End neighborhood with easy access from major highways and ample parking.  Cotillion is offered to boys and girls in the 6th, 7th and 8th grades.There are eight instructional dances for our 6th and 7th graders which take place from September through March. The dances are held approximately once a month on Friday or Saturday evenings and vary between formal, semiformal and various theme dances. The children are taught the dance steps from our professional instructor and are given opportunities to practice what they have learned with many different partners. As the year progresses, the children grow more confident with their dancing ability and more comfortable with each other. It is important to us to stay current and relevant in our dances and music choices so our students can relate to and use what they have learned during Cotillion.

Our students come from both private and public schools throughout the Richmond and surrounding areas.  We work closely with parent volunteer representatives from the various schools to organize a group of boys and girls from their child’s grade.


Town & Country Cotillion is a locally owned business. It was founded in 1961 by four partners, including Nancy Butcher Leake, the mother one of the current owners, Laura Leake Brown. Cotillion has taken place at the Tuckahoe Woman's Club since its inception.  It is currently owned by Laura Brown and Suzanne Hoffman, both children of former owners  - a true family tradition!  

Meet the Directors

Laura Leake Brown

Town & Country Cotillion was started in 1961 by Laura’s mother and 3 close friends. As a child, Laura attended cotillion and worked as a helper at cotillion when she was in high school. Laura graduated from St. Catherine’s School and Hollins University. She and her husband, Charlie have lived in Richmond for over 20 years where they raised their 3 grown children, all of whom participated in Town & Country Cotillion. “Cotillion has been a part of my life since I can remember. My mother was one of the original founders, I attended this cotillion as a student, worked as a helper, and all 3 of my children participated in the program and worked as helpers. I have been a daughter of an owner, a parent of children who attended and now I am running the program. I feel as if I know the business from all sides and I am proud that this wonderful Richmond tradition is as strong as it was over 50 years ago. Many of our current parents sending their children to our cotillion also came when they were in middle school – we are on our second generation!”

Laura became a partner in Town & Country Cotillion in 2001. In addition to being a partner in Cotillion, Laura has been a 25 year employee at St. Christopher’s School where she works as a secretary.

Suzanne Moncure Hoffman

Suzanne attended Town & Country from 6th to 8th grade while attending The Collegiate School in Richmond, VA. She later enjoyed working there as a Dance Assistant and Dance Leader. Her mother, Nancy Moncure was a owner for over 20 years. When her mother retired in 2007 Suzanne was a natural to become a sponsor and follow in her mother’s footsteps.

Suzanne  attended the University of Oregon where she received a BS degree in Psychology. She worked as an elementary teacher for over ten years.
"On a more personal note, as a parent of Cotillion age children and owner it is important to me to offer a positive, enriching and fun experience for our children. Just like most of your children mine are involved in several extracurricular activities. What I like about our program and what makes it stand out from other activities is that we are offering the students a chance to do something different from their usual activities. 
As a parent I love that the boys are in coat and tie and the girls are in their nice dresses and white gloves. Phones, video games and iPods are off, no one’s texting; the students are actually talking to each other, smiling having a good time, even learning to dance. 
I also love that they can carry this experience with them to their first job or school interview, school dance, family wedding. I think middle school is developmentally the perfect time to introduce these skills. I also think cotillion is a great supervised social activity for this age group."

Sandy Yeon, Dance Instructor

Sandy Yeon, our professional ballroom dance instructor, has been with our cotillion for the past 15 years.  Her experience with children and her ability to make the students feel successful  while learning the basic steps, rhythm and dance, combine to make a fun and constructive night for our students.

Sandy has over 25 years of teaching experience, is a Virginia State Theatrical Champion, a US Pro Am Ballroom and Latin Champion, and has won numerous teaching awards throughout the country. 

Sandy has three sons; including twin boys currently participating in our program. Her professional dance background and experience with today’s youth combine to make her a real asset to our program. In addition, her humor with her relaxed,  knowledgeable style of teaching make the children feel comfortable, even as they are put in these new social situations.

 For private or group lessons for all ages Sandy can be reached at email sandy.yeon@yahoo.com or call (804)426-4228